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On December 2 the Ukrainian newspaper “Бердичiв дiловий” (“Business Berdichev”) announced that group of UFOlogists decided to build a memorial to fallen aliens. Their leader Alexander Nalisman told that they have no money and no design of the monument yet, but they are concerned that lots of contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations ended with catastrophes, lethal for aliens, and there is no memorial on the Earth to remember them (with the exception of the town of Roswell in New Mexico whose economy is now totally devoted to UFO crash and UFO sub-culture/mythology).
Ukrainian UFOlogists keep accurate record of the UFO encounters in the country. The Ukrainian national UFO archive has 984 entries at the moment. The data is conveniently displayed at the map; description of each case with reference to the eye-witness is available. Unfortunately, this web-site has only Russian version.

UFO encounters during 2010

Information about crushed UFO can be found in books written by colonel Marina Popovich — research pilot of Soviet Air Force, member of the All-Soviet committee on paranormal phenomena in air, Russian Communist Party activist, author of the several books about UFO and of the theory that the Battle of Kursk (WWII, Jul-Aug 1943) was controlled by aliens. She writes that Soviet air forces and KGB possessed fragments of five crashed UFO and their analysis proved that it wasn’t produced on the Earth. She gives following places of catastrophes: Tunguska (30.06.1908 also known as Tunguska event), Novosibirsk (18.05.1982), Tallinn (‘object «M»’, UFO was found underground in 1960s), Vladikavkaz (former Ordzhonikidze, 6.03.1983) and Dalnegorsk (29.01.1986). Also, Russian UFOlogists’ web-sites provide information about dozens of such catastrophes with references to different retired army and KGB officers.

Journalist from the Ukrainian «Интересная газета» (“The Interesting Newspaper”, №12, 1997) claim that Ukraine military forces perform research and development work in order to acquire the aliens’ flying technology. According to “The Interesting Newspaper” information, Ukrainian air forces equipped fighter-interceptor aircrafts with the scanning laser. It has been said that during the war in Vietnam such lasers were used by US pilot to burn out retina of Vietnamese antiaircrafters (this information is so secret that only UFOlogists know about it). Now it helped Ukranian pilots to put down seven flying disks since 1993. The remains were studied near Kherson, and were used for the construction of the analogue that had to be release in 1998. Apart from unfriendly interest of military and secret services, Earthmen don’t pay attention to the fates of the extraterrestrials, died on the Earth. Berdichev UFOlogists decided to improve the situation.

Berdichev used to be significant economical and cultural center, its role in the region can be described by one of its names — Volhynia Jerusalem. In 18-19th centuries Berdichev used to be one of the most important Ukrainian centers both of Enlightenment and Hasidism. During the World War II Berdichev lost half of its population and cultural and social life seriously decayed. Only few tourist routs include Berdichev now. This story in a day attracted attention of mass-media all over the world. Such unexpected publicity encouraged town citizens; on Dec 5 “Business Berdichev” published an editorial, very enthusiastic and skeptical simultaneously: “In spite of absurdity and comicality of the idea, the reaction of the world shows that it interested millions of people and such new memorial can become new site of town attraction as monuments of architecture and historic persons”. The newspaper takes responsibility for the fund-rising and all questions connected with the building of the monument.

Sonya Luschekina

Memorial to fallen aliens