Écrit par Nicolas Vivant 

Francis Gatti, president of the CASAR association, carries several samples of a wrench that, according to him, went through a “poltergeist” (dematerialisation, rematerialisation and spontaneous movement) phenomenon. Acting out of curiosity, Mr. Gatti passed on several samples of this wrench to various dowsers, whose reports expressed surprise at the exceptional “vibratory rate” of these pieces. According to said reports, the samples’ “vibratory rate” exceeded 20000 bovis units. At Mr. Gatti’s proposition, the OZ set up a protocol to verify if the dowser were indeed capable of identifying these samples amongst 10 other metal samples. As the protocol unfolded, Mr. B, dowser, suggested conducting a series of trials using a sample of earth soil he provided himself, and with which he had the habit of working. This sample, taken from an alleged UFO landing site in Marcilly, was also possessed of a particularly high “vibratory rate”. The experiment occurred at Argenton-sur-Creuse, on the 17th and 18th of March 2007.


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French-English translation : Véronique Marchand (thank you!)

Experimental protocol : Dowsing (english version)